Saturday, April 27, 2019

Changing Ways~ A YA Book By Julia Tannenbaum


Growing up sucks. Struggling to cope with the constant stress of school, her mother, and her confusing social life, sixteen-year-old Grace Edwards finds sanity in the most destructive of ways: dieting and self-harming. But just when Grace thinks she has everything under control, a classmate catches her cutting in the girls’ locker room, and Grace’s entire life is flipped upside down. Now she’s faced with the unthinkable – a stint in a psych ward with kids who seem so much worse than she is. After all, she’s not sick. She’s totally okay. She’ll never do it again. But the longer Grace stays, the more she realizes that the kids in the ward aren’t that different from her. Slowly Grace comes to terms with her mental illness, but as her discharge date crawls closer, she knows that the outside world is an unpredictable place . . . and one which whispers temptations about hidden food, dangerous objects, and failure to stay in recovery. ~Amazon

MEET THE AUTHORJulia Tannenbaum discovered her love for writing when she was thirteen, and since then has been featured in the anthologies Dear Mr. President, Girls Write the World, and Inside My World. Drawing from personal experiences, she often incorporates her struggles with mental illness into her fictional work. She is a currently a high school senior and lives in West Hartford, Connecticut with her family and four cats. Changing Ways is her debut novel.

We are so excited to feature Julia Tannenbaum on our blog and were lucky enough to interview her. We'll be sharing our interview with readers soon!

Has anyone else read Changing Ways by Julia Tannenbaum? Or have you read another A book written by a teen?  We'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. This sounds like a book that would be great for teens to read. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great resource , will bookmark this one for sure!