Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Village Story Peddlers!

The DMS wants to send some good cheer out to those wonderful independent books sellers. So, we decided that it would be great to share some of our favorite corner bookstores with you. 

Today, we want to tell you about Linda's Story Time in Monroe, CTThis unique book nook has all the charm and enchantment you can imagine.

We were lucky enough for the chance to meet Patricia Polacco at Linda's Story Time. It was wonderful to see so many young readers excited about books, and a good time was had by all!

Let's welcome Linda, the owner of this great corner book shop!
Here's the story... 

I opened Linda's Story Time in 1999, after working in the independent book business for 15 years at Klein's of Westport. My boss and mentor, Livia Ryan, taught me everything there was to know about the book business at the time. I became the manager of the children's book department after several years, and the manager of the entire book department when Livia Ryan retired. When Klein's closed in early 1999, the owner of the store, Stanley Klein, offered to be my business partner in a new children's book store, which I would create. 
I had a vision of what Linda's Story Time should be: an inviting, colorful, energetic place where children age 0 to 18 would browse and find their next new treasure of a book. They would also find crafts, puppets, and other educational and fun gifts. Over the years, I added an eclectic adult section, which has increased in size and selection. I've had invaluable help from my mother and my husband, as well as from several friends. I've hosted many events such as author book signings, children's book character visits, Star Wars Reads Day, Where's Waldo in Monroe Scavenger Hunt, and educational evenings for parents and teachers. I also provide book fairs in many Connecticut elementary, middle, and high schools. Linda's Story Time is always evolving - and it's a labor of love! 

What is your favorite book to chat about?

One of my favorite books to talk about is Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse, written and illustrated by Kevin Henkes. Lilly is a handful - just the way I like my young characters. After shopping with her grandmother, Lilly brings to school a purple plastic purse that plays a jaunty tune and has three jingly quarters inside. It's not time for show-and-tell, but Lilly can't shut up about her new treasure. Her adored teacher, Mr. Slinger, takes the purse away; oh, the drama that ensues! Every emotion is present - joy, heartache, guilt, regret, and ultimately relief. Henkes is a master of his crafts - he shows instead of telling. With just the right understated phrase and the most illustrative postures and facial expressions, Lilly's story jumps off the two-dimensional page and into the reader's life.

Check out Linda's Story Time
 and open your world to the magic of books!


  1. What an awesome feature and a great way to highlight indie booksellers.

  2. Thanks so much, Medeia! Indie booksellers are awesome and we love to show them our support. :)
    ~Stephanie and Jess

  3. Sounds like an awesome bookstore. Just looking at the bookshelves made me want to go there. I love Indie stores and glad they've survived the big store times.

    1. Natalie- It is a magical bookstore for sure. It is wonderful to go into a store full of books that has so much personality. :) Yeah for Indie books and stores. :) ~Jess and Stephanie

  4. There are few things I love more than a great indie bookstore! Sounds like an awesome one :)

  5. Aw, love the pictures of the bookstore :D Thank you for sharing. <3