Saturday, November 24, 2012

Author Interview with Kurt Chambers

The DMS was lucky enough to interview Kurt Chambers, author of the middle grade novel Truth Teller. Lizzy recently reviewed this magical story, and it was great to share our thoughts about it and hear yours! We are excited to learn a little bit more about the story behind the story. So, without further ado... take it away, Kurt! 

What inspired you to write Truth Teller

For about six years or so, I worked with children as a volunteer. I helped run a Brownie pack at the local church for Girl Guiding UK. It was the most fun time of my life. Working with kids is a real blessing. This is without doubt one of the biggest inspirations for writing children’s books.

How long did it take you to write Truth Teller?

I started writing this series about eight years ago. There are three books in the series so far. On average, it took me about two years to write each novel. But when I started, I knew absolutely nothing about writing. I couldn’t even read very well. So, I had to start from the very bottom and learn how to write properly, then edit my stories to a publishable standard. It was a mighty challenge.

What are some of your favorite books from childhood? Were there any specific authors who inspired you?

My mum introduced me to fantasy stories when I first became interested in reading. I used to struggle to read them though, not being the best reader in the world. But one author really captured my attention, Terry Brooks, with his Sword of Shannara series. I fell in love with fantasy. I would say he was my biggest inspiration.

Where did you come up with the characters Charlotte and Middleton?

That’s an interesting question. My main character, Charlotte, was based on a real life person. With no experience of writing, I thought if I based my character on someone real whom I knew very well, it would be easy to know how they would react and what they would say in any given situation. Middleton is a completely made up character, as are all the other characters in the story.

If you could befriend a character from any of your books, who would you befriend? Why?

Well, I am already friends with my main character, Charlotte, but if I had to choose one of my fictional characters, I think it would have to be Elderfield. He’s a young elf with a sense of morals that you would love to think everyone had in the real world. Any parent would be proud to have him as a son.

Where do you like to write? Do you listen to music while you are writing?

I wrote most of my stories sitting in my car during my tea breaks at work. Just me and my thermos flask of tea (I’m English) and my sandwiches. I work on a building site as a carpenter for my day job. I like solitude and complete silence when I write. I can never get this at home in my crazy household.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Why?

That’s an easy question. I would love to live in Devon, south England. Preferably beside the sea. I fell in love with a town called Teignmouth, the oldest seaside town in England, by all accounts. It’s such a beautiful part of the world.

There is definitely a bad guy or two in Truth Teller. Who is your favorite villain (from a book or movie)?

Would I sound like an egomaniac if I said it was a character from my own series? In Truth Teller, you get to briefly meet a horrid little dwarf called Blaine. He only plays a small part in the first book, but he makes an appearance in all three books. In book two, The Wrath of Siren, he plays a much bigger part. He’s one of my favourite characters in the story. He makes me laugh. I really enjoyed creating him. He’s one of these people you love to hate.

Where can we purchase your books?

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  1. Congratulations on the release of Truth Teller! The storyline sounds interesting and intriguing!

    It's always lovely to read an authors writing process, thanks for sharing!

    1. Nas- Truth Teller is a great read! It is a story that draws you in. I enjoy reading about how different writers write, too. :) ~Stephanie