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Interview with Suzanne LaFleur author of Love, Aubrey

We were lucky enough to interview Suzanne LaFleur, author of the middle grade novel Love, Aubrey. Lizzy read the whole book in one day because she had to find out what happened (read the review). We would like to thank Ms. LaFleur for sharing a bit about herself with us. So, without further adieu... take it away! 

1) What inspired you to write Love, Aubrey?

I think a story starts as an impulse rather than an inspiration. I'd had several different stories forming in my head, but I felt most drawn to this narrator talking about a missing Savannah. I didn't know why she would already be gone and that interested me, so I wrote to find out. I thought the idea came out of nowhere. After I finished writing and got some distance from the piece, I was able to look back at my life at the time and see that I was very worried about my grandmother, who had just lost her sister. A lot of my own fears ended up in the story.

2) How long did it take you to write the book?

The first draft took eleven months. We did just a couple rounds of editing after that.

3) What are some of your favorite books from childhood? Were there any specific authors who inspired you?

When I was very young my favorite books were the Alice in Wonderland books and The Jolly Postman. When I was in middle school I had a list of my four favorite books, which were: The Neverending Story, The Giver, The Facts and Fictions of Minna Pratt, and Cassie Binegar. I think I was particularly inspired by Lois Lowry because, in addition to The Giver, I loved her Anastasia series, which I still read over and over.

4) Where did you come up with the character, Aubrey?

I didn't so much come up with her as she found me. I just listened.

5) If you could befriend any of the characters from Love, Aubrey who would you befriend and why?

My first reaction was Aubrey, because I feel closest to her, but I actually imagine myself inside her head and heart already, not outside, able to befriend, like her, I'd want to befriend Bridget. Bridget's fun, sweet, and a good listener.

6) What is your favorite song?

My favorite piece of music is Mozart's Requiem. It's layered, rich, and complicated...sad, hopeful, and beautiful...

7) If you could live anywhere on Earth, where would you choose? Why?

I'm a bit stuck between Ireland and Italy, the two countries outside of my own (the US) where I've spent the most time and hope to spend even more. I love history, and both the recorded and still-visible history in those countries is amazing. There's also plenty of art, literature, and language to study. The landscapes are beautiful. There are quiet, lonely places and bustling, urban places, too. And--of course--there's nice cheddar cheese and butter in Ireland and pasta, pizza and gelato in Italy!

To pick a non-specific place, I've always wanted to live on a lake surrounded by trees. The lake would be safe for swimming. I would tie up a little boat so I could listen to the water lap against it; that's one of my favorite sounds.

8) Where can we purchase a copy of Love, Aubrey?

You can actually do that right at your local bookstore; if they don't have it in stock, they would most likely be happy to order it for you. You can also purchase it directly from the publishers online--US edition by Random House, UK edition by Puffin--or from any major bookseller. You can pick your favorite medium as well, because it's available in hardcover, paperback, audio book, and e-reader formats. Love, Aubrey is also available in German, Swedish, Dutch, Korean, Japanese, and Indonesian language editions.

Author biography: 
Suzanne was born just outside of Boston, Massachusetts in 1983. As she grew, she enjoyed many of the things that you might enjoy—swimming, eating pizza with her parents on Fridays, watching Saturday morning cartoons, riding her bike, listening to more. 

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